Ebook Publishing Tips – How the “Pros” Publish Ebooks!

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If you have written an eBook and feel the need to launch it in the market, you need to understand that the book has to be presented it in the right format. Given below are a few tips to publish your ebooks in a PDF format.

Download OpenOffice.org

If you wish to publish ebooks in a PDF format, the first and foremost requirement is the need for compatible software. For that, you need to download OpenOffice.org which is blessed with PDF conversion functionality. The software is readily available over the internet and it is free of charge. At the same time, it is a perfect alternative to your Microsoft word document.

Install the software in your PC

The next step to publish ebooks in a PDF format is to allow your PC to install the Office software. Once the software in installed, you need to click on the suit and select the ‘writer program’.

The word format

In case, you have already written your book in a word format, you needn’t worry. Simply, go to OpenOffice.org and open your word file there. This is the third step to publish ebooks in a PDF format.

Use the converter

Once you have opened your word file in OpenOffice.org, you need to click on the PDF icon. In a matter of seconds your word file would get converted to a PDF format. This is the last and final step to publish ebooks in PDF format. There are numerous other ways of converting your word file into a PDF format but this the most effective of all.


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